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Enjoy watching the hilarious Blunt Heads with friends or Family, while chillin.
Happy 420 Giving
A tribute to Nipsey Hussle
Congratulation Snoop Dogg on your Hollywood Walk of Fame
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A portion of the proceeds will be donated in the name of Nipsey Hussle
Ultimately, the "Marathon" lives on through all of those who further the mission of Nipsey Hussle. The Creator of the Blunt Heads, animation, pledge to be part of the continuation of the Marathon living on. Therefore, funds will be distributed to various organizations, in remembrance of Nipsey Hussle.
The Raised Fist
The raised fist, of the character likeness of Nipsey Hussle, symbolizes solidarity, strength and is used to salute and express unity which is why the creator has placed it in the video.
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